On a scorching Sunday in Oakland, a FlameThrowers team with only fifteen active rostered athletes handed the Riptide the second loss of their road trip weekend in a dominating fashion. The San Jose Spiders beat the Riptide first by just a single point the night before. At the start of the game, the Riptide earned

Notes on the Cascades Cup

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Notes On The Cascades Cup Hello, Bay Area ultimate fans! The FlameThrowers management has a lot of information about The Cascades Cup that we feel has been inadequately presented thus far. We would like to explain to our fans the origin of the Cascades Cup challenge, the process for roster selection, and how the FlameThrowers

This article begins a series of player spotlights – every two weeks, an extraordinary FlameThrowers athlete will be highlighted so our fans can get to know a little more about them and the team. First up in this series is new captain Greg Cohen. The San Francisco FlameThrowers are undeniably one of strongest contenders to win the

The professional ultimate community has been buzzing with signing announcements for the past several weeks, but perhaps none are as significant as the announcement that the power couple represented by Beau Kittredge and Cassidy Rasmussen are returning to California. However, despite previous ties to rival franchise the San Jose Spiders, both athletes will be competing

Led by Head Coach Ryo Kawaoka and captaining trio Lucas Dallmann, Greg Cohen, and Beau Kittredge, the San Francisco FlameThrowers are expected to make a big splash in the West. All three of this year’s FlameThrowers captains have competed together as teammates in the past, most recently on Revolver in 2016.  Dallmann served as one

The San Francisco FlameThrowers announced their roster last week, and it is full of big names from top to bottom. Perhaps one of the most significant is Ryo Kawaoka, a former FlameThrowers player-coach and also the coach (and former captain) of their partner club team, Revolver. Ryo (pronounced “yo”) Kawaoka has had a long and

The FlameThrowers hosted the Vancouver Riptide in their first visit to Galileo Field on Sunday, June 1. The weather was warm and the wind, a significant factor in earlier home games, was its usual W-E self, lighter than in past games and building slightly as the game wore on.

San Francisco, May 15, 2014 – The San Francisco FlameThrowers and Everlaw, a cutting-edge ediscovery and cloud litigation platform provider, today announced a new partnership. Given the significant similarities in their customer base and Everlaw’s existing involvement in the Ultimate community, Everlaw and The FlameThrowers will work together to increase awareness.

San Francisco, May 12, 2014 – The San Francisco FlameThrowers and Douglas Parking have entered an agreement to develop joint marketing programs. The sport of Ultimate reaches a highly desirable demographic: educated young professionals, as well as, affluent parents who are either veterans of the sport or now have children participating.

The FlameThrowers-Raptors game began in San Francisco under mostly sunny skies with winds in the 10-12 mph range and occasional gusts higher. The FlameThrowers began pulling upwind, and scored the first goal after throwaways from both teams. The next several points followed in similar fashion.