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Week 8 Recap: Riptide Fails to Extinguish the Flame

by / Tuesday, 03 June 2014 / Published in Uncategorized


The FlameThrowers hosted the Vancouver Riptide in their first visit to Galileo Field on Sunday, June 1. The weather was warm and the wind, a significant factor in earlier home games, was its usual W-E self, lighter than in past games and building slightly as the game wore on.

The FlameThrowers came in as favorites, having beaten the Riptide handily in their first match-up in Vancouver, and then won a comeback victory against the Spiders in their last game.

The Riptide entered on the heels of a last-second loss to the Spiders in a hotly contested ESPN3 Game-of-the-Week match-up, their only appearance this season. Would they have the emotional and physical fortitude to play another quality game against a leading opponent on the 2nd day of an away back-to-back? The answer would prove to be “yes.”

As many of the FlameThrowers games, this contest began with the teams getting into the flow, and feeling each other out. San Francisco and Vancouver traded downwind goals to 2-2 before the FlameThrowers cashed in the first upwind break to go up 3-2. The Riptide showed their mettle early by going on a 3-0 run including 2 upwind goals to go ahead 5-3, but the FlameThrowers scored on a deep shot from Sam Kanner to Cassidy Rasmussen to close out the first quarter down 4-5.

San Francisco and Vancouver traded downwind goals to start the 2nd quarter, until the FlameThrowers broke the upwind scoring with a big huck from Ugmo teammates Zane Rankin to Chuck Cao, followed by the finish from Clay Miller to Cecil Qiu to make it 8-7. The FlameThrowers would take half 9-8.

The 3rd quarter again began with the teams trading downwind goals one featuring Nick Slovan making a great play on a big hammer from Lucas Dallmann. And again the FlameThrowers took the first upwind break to make it 12-10. And again Vancouver would not go away, running off 4 straight to close the 3rd quarter and put the FlameThrowers in a 12-14 hole.

The FlameThrowers opened up the 4th quarter scoring with Alex Evangelides getting every other touch down the field & finishing in the corner on an arching forehand from Eli Janin. Vancouver came back with a quick downwind goal to make it 13-15.

And then the FlameThrowers turned up the heat. The big story of the game was the FlameThrowers seizing control in the 4th quarter and going on a 7-0 run, the longest run of either team in the game.

On a challenging point featuring multiple turnovers, the FlameThrowers found a way to make it 14-15. A highlight-reel defense by Zane Rankin got the FlameThrowers the disc & the converted the first upwinder of the quarter, again, to tie it at 15’s. But the run had just started. Redeeming that first upwinder on the downwind side made it 16-15. Vancouver then completed a long huck just shy of the end-zone and Cecil Qiu made a full layout D-block in the end-zone to deny the goal on the continuation pass. Pat Baylis scored to take the 2nd upwind break and make it 17-15. Chris Kosednar completed a tight pass to Nick Slovan to make it 18-15. And then Zane Rankin unleashed a big upwind huck to Greg Marliave for the nail-in-the-coffin 3rd break to make it 19-15. The teams traded goals to bring the final score to 20-16.