The San Francisco FlameThrowers were feeling the heat on Saturday evening and took down the San Diego Growlers in a decisive victory that showed just how powerful the team can be when they hit their stride. The FlameThrowers are proving themselves as the team that everyone knew would be a force to reckon with this

The San Francisco FlameThrowers had the help of some elite female-identified athletes when they took the field during last Friday’s Cascades Cup in Seattle. After four full quarters of thrilling action, the mixed FlameThrowers took down the Seattle Cascades with a final score of 17-16. The teams traded points for much of the first quarter

Notes on the Cascades Cup

Thursday, 06 April 2017 by

Notes On The Cascades Cup Hello, Bay Area ultimate fans! The FlameThrowers management has a lot of information about The Cascades Cup that we feel has been inadequately presented thus far. We would like to explain to our fans the origin of the Cascades Cup challenge, the process for roster selection, and how the FlameThrowers

Photo Credit: Darren Yamashita The San Francisco FlameThrowers earned a decisive 34-29 victory this Saturday at their home opener against local rivals the San Jose Spiders. The two teams will face again next weekend at the Spiders’ home opener on April 8 before the FlameThrowers head to Seattle for the Cascades Cup, a mixed-gender AUDL